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In 2020, the hospitality and travel service industry was dealt a devastating blow; hundreds of millions of jobs were impacted and life as we knew it changed.  Out of this devastation came an amazing opportunity for industry to embrace the difficulties and drive the change that has been needed for years. 

That opportunity became the Travel and Meeting Society, aka TAMS.

​TAMS is a grassroots initiative that is focused on delivering education, disrupting, and innovating the travel and meetings industry.  Our mission is to build a community of industry professionals that collaborate regardless of role, experience, or position in a diverse and inclusive collaborative environment where every voice counts.

​We have hundreds of volunteers with amazing ideas, working towards building industry changing education, technologies and breaking through the diversity challenges.  But we need your support to make all this magic happen. 

You can support TAMS by becoming a member, joining a committee, or supporting our initiatives through a financial donation.

​Why should you financially support TAMS?
Educating, Disrupting, Innovating takes both manpower and financial power.


Create an inclusive society that empowers every voice to effect change. 


TAMS is a grassroots society that is focused on addressing industry challenges and leverage opportunities for the travel and meetings industry.


To deliver solutions to our membership through collaborative engagements.

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