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Now Accepting Exhibitor Listings!

TAMS is launching the first industry online open marketplace.  The marketplace brings buyers and suppliers together in a “safe” interactive space that allows industry professionals to explore a multitude of suppliers and services available in the travel industry.


Open Sign

The marketplace is designed so industry suppliers or individuals can exhibit their products and services at reasonable rates. 


Your annual subscription provides access to build your custom-made market stand including any content you'd like to highlight for Marketplace visitors, with the ability to change, alter, and update your exhibition stand at any time.  You have complete control and flexibility, so as your products develop or services change, a few simple clicks and voila’ new content is available.


Shopping Bag

Browse anonymously and create a profile to connect with providers you choose.

Regardless of whether a travel buyer looking for a TMC, consultant or technology partner or a TMC looking for a mid-office system or training services, or even anyone looking for some expertise and advice - the TAMS Marketplace aims to provide a neutral platform that serves the industry collective! 

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