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Get ready to witness an electrifying celebration of excellence on April 9th
in the vibrant city of Atlanta!

TAMS is thrilled to announce the unveiling of two prestigious awards, and we eagerly await your nominations!


In a groundbreaking moment at our first-ever in-person event, TAMS IGNITE will recognize industry advocates for their outstanding contributions. This is not just an honor; it's a monumental acknowledgment that sets the stage for a legacy of distinction.


Seize the opportunity to nominate the crème de la crème of the business travel and meetings industry. The coveted awards up for grabs are nothing short of exhilarating:

🌟 Emerging Leader Award:

An accolade reserved for the trailblazers who have graced the industry for less than six years. These individuals are the embodiment of innovation, consistently bringing fresh perspectives to the table. Their leadership prowess has left an indelible mark, positively impacting the business travel and meetings community. Nominate the rising stars who are shaping the future!


🚀 Industry Impact Award:

We want to recognize the transformative leaders of 2024 within the Business Travel Community. This award honors those who are not just participants but change-makers who diligently invest their time as well. Their extensive knowledge and wisdom are wielded as tools of positive influence, consistently contributing to industry projects. These individuals are mentors, team players, and true leaders. Nominate the driving forces that leave an everlasting impact!


As the stage is set for TAMS IGNITE, be part of history in the making by nominating the exceptional talents that embody the spirit of these awards.

Nominate Someone Today

You may nominate more than one person for either category
Deadline for Submissions – March 29, 2024

Questions, please email Jen Steinke

Thank you for making a difference!

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